After Christmas Decorating, Day 1

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Hope you all enjoyed a great holiday season with lots of friends and family!

While I’m not ready to tear down all my hard work put into Christmas decorating just yet, I have started to think about what to do around the house to help counteract the blah-feeling after all the rich decor and sparkle has been packed away until next year. Plus, there is something refreshing about decluttering your surfaces of snowmen and Santas, especially as you clear your mental slate to concentrate on those New Year’s resolutions!

Over the next few days, we will provide you with some suggestions to start off 2013 right!

Day 1: Live plants!

Whether or not you had a live Christmas tree, there is nothing more refreshing in the dead of winter than the vibrant green and fresher air that live plants can bring to a home.  Don’t be scared if you don’t have a green thumb – there are plenty of options out there that require little to no maintenance (or that are cheap in case you do kill it).

Fiddlehead fig: I’ve seen tons of these plants in home design magazines and fell in love with their height and vibrant green leaves.  They can be a little difficult to find, but if you do see one, pick one up – you won’t regret it!


Succulents: similar to a cactus, these plants need very little water – generally a spritz every few weeks will do the trick.  I’ve forgotten about mine for months sometimes and they’ve made it through.  I also thought this wreath project from Prudent Baby was so pretty with various shades of muted green if you’re feeling a little more adventurous:


Succulent wreath


Fresh flowers: If you’re not up for investing in some houseplants for the long-term, make a habit of picking up a bunch at the store while you’re there.  Trader Joe’s has a great selection at good prices and there is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers greeting you on the table when you come home from a cold, gray January day!


Flower selection at Trader Joe’s

Orchids are a great long-lasting flower (some cut stems can last 2-3 weeks or more!) that will add a pop of bright color to any room!

Pink Mokara Orchids


Stay tuned tomorrow for more tips!